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  Shenzhen BOOGABOOGA Translation Co., Ltd. (called BOOGABOOGA) locates in Shenzhen,
  Guangdong province, the People's Republic of China, the company has been in translation business
  for many years.The goal of founding the company is to help you communicate with people and help you
  do overseas business.
The company’s business scope includes document translation, interpretation, Multilingual Typesetting,
Website Translation, PowerPoint Presentations, Software Localization and Audio Voiceover and
specializes in electronics, engineering, technical, medical, computers, financial, legal, marketing fields,
Today, the company has built a professional translation and project management team; they can follow
your project from the initial discussions all the way through to proofreading and final checkout so as to
provide the best translation possible for your particular purpose and target market.
BOOGABOOGA - Total Translation
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