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Our multi-phase translation process consistently produces the highest level of precision. By using this
comprehensive approach on simple and complex projects alike, we ensure that our translations are as
accurate as possible. Our process involves 7-steps.
Project Manager Review. When we receive your quote request, it is reviewed by one of our project
managers,who looks over the information and the attached file(s) to see if there are any additional
questions that need to be answered before quoting.
Translators' Review. Once we have all the information, our translators review the documents to
verify word counts, assess terminology difficulties, and estimate the time required to complete the
Provide Quote. We complete a quote and send it to you with our contract. Upon acceptance of the
quote and contract, please sign and fax them back to our office.
See Sample Contract
Receive Deposit. For first-time clients, we require a 30% deposit. Once we receive your deposit,
we will begin production of the translation.
Translate Document. Our certified translator begins translating the document(s). Should he or she
run into questions or need further clarification of a particular part or process of your project,
we will contact you.
Proofread Translation. Once the translation is completed, it is proofread by our translators for
language accuracy, spelling, grammar and layout.
Final Review. Our project manager does a final review of the document to ensure that everything is
ready to send.
It is our desire to provide quality translations that read as if they were originally written in the target
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