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Everyone wants to know "How much do you charge?" There are many factors that go into determining
the final price for a translation. We've listed several of them below:
Which Language?
Word Count — Length of the Document(s)?
Turnaround Time — Is It Rush?
Subject Matter — Technical? Medical? Legal? General?
Is It Handwritten? Faxed? Printed Copy?
What Program Is It In?
Are There Graphics Involved?
Desktop Publishing? HTML Files?
When comparing translation services, don't forget about the quality and accuracy of the translation.
Saving a few cents per word sounds great, but if you get a translation that you can't use, hen you haven't
saved anything. Worse yet, you have to get the document retranslated
Here is what we provide as part of our normal translation services:
Documents Are Translated by certified translators
        (For some languages and specialities, a non-certified translator may be the most experienced
and knowledgeable.)
We Use Translators Specialized in Specific Subjects (Expertise)
Documents Are Proofread and Reviewed Before Completion
For Larger Projects, Translation Glossaries Are Retained for Future Documents (Consistency)
Please fill out our online quote e-mail , or call us at (86 0755) 8374-8100 to describe your project. By
being able to discuss each project, we can work together to give you the best value for your translation
Minimum Charge: We specialize in business documents, newsletters, catalogs, books,manuals,
websites, etc.Because of that, we have a minimum charge (about 1,000 words) per language, per
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