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Document Translation - We provide language translation in the world's most popular languages
as well as in some that are less well known.
InterpretationWe provide interpretation in convention, seminar, summit, presentation, press
conference, training program, business meeting, reception, ceremonies, lecture, speech, interview,
teleconference, financial audit, factory visit, exhibition, banquet and tour, etc.
Multilingual Typesetting - Graphic artists who will lay out and format your translated text documents
ready for printing. For Asian and Russian languages which use special fonts, we normally provide PDF
files for your printer to print.
Website Translation - We can translate your website content into another language. Plus, we have
programmers who can finalize the HTML, ASP, PHP, Java, etc., in order for the website to be viewed
properly throughout the world.
Powerpoint Presentations - For sales presentations around the world, you may have Powerpoint
presentations that need to be translated and localized for another country. We can do that. Just send
us the Powerpoint files, along with any embedded graphics, and we will translate and finalize the
Powerpoint files so they are ready to present.
Software Localization - Our technical translators who specialize in software localization can take your
computer program and documentation and translate it for use in another country. We work in various
types of programming code and offer software testing upon completion.
Audio Voiceover - If you are looking to have your corporate video or DVD translated and spoken in
different languages, we have voiceover artists available who can help. Please contact us with your
specific requirements and we will provide you with voice samples and a quote.
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